As a parent/guardian we appreciate you want your son/daughter to have the best possible start to their career and working life. Let us tell you more about apprenticeships and how they can have just that.

What are apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships offer a work based route into a chosen career, resulting in a nationally recognised qualification. Many young people would like the opportunity to earn whilst they learn, but to also develop their knowledge and skills to a high level. Apprenticeships have evolved over the years and now there is the opportunity to complete up to and including degree level through an apprenticeship, making apprenticeships a more academic, flexible and dynamic choice.

Apprenticeships are an alternative to university for those who wish to go straight into a work based role.

Apprenticeships are often fully or part funded, making this a more cost effective way to learn.

Information about Apprenticeships for Parents and Guardians


Benefits of an apprenticeship

Employers within Busy Bees and beyond value apprenticeships and see the value of work based learning alongside off the job training. Apprenticeships are often seen as the gold standard for work based learning.

There are many more benefits of your child doing an apprenticeship, here are some;

Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Levels

To meet the varying needs of students there are varying levels of apprenticeships available. The most suitable level should be determined to ensure this is an achievable goal for your child and they can see the next levels which they have the option to work towards on completion.

Apprenticeship Level Table explained

If your child is not yet ready to start an apprenticeship they may embark on a Traineeship, which will help them develop work ready skills over a shorter period of time than an apprenticeship and will give them some basic knowledge and practical skills in the chosen sector.

Components of an apprenticeship

As well as the sector based qualification an apprenticeship incorporates other elements to ensure your child has work ready knowledge, understanding and practical skills and abilities. These are;

  • Functional Skills – May include English, Maths and ICT at differing levels depending on the level of the apprenticeship. These skills recognise and develop the skills needed to function in work, learning and life.
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities – The learning for this ensures your child gains information about careers, contracts and legislations, along with employer and learner rights, enhancing the employability skills of your child.
  • Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills – To enable your child to enter work and adult life as a confident and capable individual, we have a continued focus on six areas of skills which are essential to success in work, learning and life. Your child will be supported in managing themselves, managing relationships with others and managing their own learning, performance and work.

Some apprenticeships also include other sector specific aspects as featured in our Apprenticeship Brochure

Why support your child’s choice of completing an apprenticeship with Busy Bees Training Academy?

  • We strive to ensure your child has the best information, advice and guidance possible from us, and we are proud to have achieved The Matrix Standard in recognition of this.
  • We understand the sector, so we support learners in developing the skills that we know employers are looking for.
  • Busy Bees deliver a high quality training experience which will support your child’s future career progression.
  • With the support of a sector experienced Training Officer your child will gain a wealth of knowledge and skills.
  • Busy Bees Training Officers have small caseloads of learners, this ensures all learners individual needs are met.
  • With overall success rates of over 85%, Busy Bees have significantly higher success rates than the national average.