There are many benefits to completing an apprenticeship.

  • Progress in your career: surveys show that employers recognise and value apprenticeships providing you with the skills for progression
  • Apprenticeships are recognised as the gold standard for work-based learning.
  • Learn job-specific skills: Learn from knowledgeable training officers and work alongside experienced staff to gain the appropriate skills.
  • Earn a salary whilst you learn
  • Top quality training: Get on-the-job experience and off-the-job training.

Still not sure, listen to young people’s experiences of an apprenticeship

If you are an employer why choose BB Training Academy- Industry training Industry

  • We understand the sector with a senior management team that recognises the importance of high quality training and how this affects outcomes for children.
  • Training Officers have specialist knowledge in the field that they assess with an up to date working knowledge of the sector.
  • Training Officers have small caseloads of learners which are visited monthly to ensure the learner receive quality training which is meaningful not a tick box exercise.
  • Overall success rates of over 85%, significantly higher than the national average with retention rates of over 94%

If you are a learner why choose BB Taining Academy

  • We understand the sector so ensure we develop the skills that employers are looking for
  • You will be assigned a Training Officer who has a strong background in the sector
  • Training Officers have small caseloads of learners to ensure all learners individual needs are met
  • Overall success rates of over 80%, significantly higher than the national average.
  • We will deliver a high quality training experience which will support your career progression

Apprenticeships - A Better Future

How Apprenticeships are changing the future