5 Top Tips For Eco - Friendly Learning


Each year the movement of Eco-friendly and reusable products grows and becomes more popular. With strong movements like veganism becoming more common, it’s becoming proven that more people are keen to make a difference when it comes to looking after the planet.

Here at BB Training Academy we have a big push stemming from our CEO Fay Gibbin, to head towards a paperless environment.

With our corporate responsibility growing, we’ve correlated 5 top tips for our learners, to help them take a step into Eco-friendly thinking!

Print Less

We understand that as a learner you may have pages and pages of assessments, resources and additional reading to keep on top of throughout your studies. Instead of automatically hitting print on a 15 page article, why not read it on your computer, using the notes and comments functions to record vital information? Many of us have tablets or iPad's meaning that printing everything is not necessary! Next time, think before you print!

Library Visits

As a learner, additional readings can excel your studies and give you an insight into a variety of resources. However, buying books can be cost worthy. Why not try registering at your local library and borrow the books you are keen to read? Recycling books is helpful for the environment and your pocket, what’s not to love!

Switch It Off

Many of us are guilty of this one! It’s so easy to close your laptop when a friend has popped over for a chat or when you’re in a rush to head off. But remember, closing your laptop isn’t the same as shutting your laptop down and waiting until the screen goes black. Laptops still use power even when in sleep mode, which can mean when you go to open it up again, you could be greeted with a low power symbol. The extra energy needed to continually charge your laptop can be avoided by simply closing it down correctly. Please make a real effort to save your energy bill by shutting down your electric devices properly.

Take Public Transport

Keeping the car on the drive way and jumping on the bus once a week can help reduce Co2 emissions! Buses are much more economical than cars, as they carry multiple people each journey, compared to cars that commonly have one person traveling. With websites like journey planner it’s so simple to plan your bus route and times!

Take Notes Electronically

This top tip not only helps the earth but is also budget friendly! We can all spend large amounts on pretty notebooks, pens and folders, but you could be saving yourself a lot of pennies and space if you take your notes electronically. Deforestation is happening at alarming rates, so cutting down on your paper consumption can help you step in the right economically friendly direction.

Love The Planet

Together with these 5 top tips for eco-friendly learning, we can work together to cut back on our contribution to planet pollution and start making steps towards positive differences.

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Here’s to striving towards a cleaner, brighter future together.