Never too old to Learn


Last week, we celebrated the Festival of Learning. This fantastic initiative aims to raise awareness of the benefits of adult learning and celebrate the achievements of learners throughout the UK.

We’re a big supporter of everything it aims to achieve and as an advocate of lifelong learning, we understand how important it is to promote learning to everyone, no matter their age.

The initiative national week has been running since 1992 and during its 26 years has helped to raise significant awareness of adult education and championed life changing learning for lots of people.

Festival of Learning

As a national training provider, we encourage adults to undertake courses and qualifications that can help further their career. The importance of undertaking extra training shouldn’t be undervalued!

Training courses can add a new skillset, improve confidence and instil behaviours and best practices that can have a real positive impact on a learner’s career. It can change weaknesses into strengths and completely transform a person.

We have a range of courses that are suited to people no matter their age, or what stage of their career they are at. Our apprenticeships for the early years and health and social care sectors provide young people with the foundation for their future career, whereas our management and leadership courses are designed to provide a boost to someone who is in a more senior position and further up the career ladder.

For businesses too, embracing training and qualifications and making them available to their workforce can improve all round business performance, fuel growth and create a culture of learning that helps to nurture and develop the next generation of workers.

If you’re thinking about taking extra training or qualifications to boost your skillset and add further knowledge, take a look at our brochure packed full of useful information about our courses. If you’re a business decision maker looking to implement a talent strategy and are looking for advice and guidance, give our team a call on 01543 711153.