Ron’s Road to Recovery


2018 marked the 70th anniversary of a national treasure, the NHS.

As BB Training Academy also expanded its apprenticeship provision into the wider Health and Social Care sector this year, we thought it apt to take a look at how the NHS has made a difference to the lives of some of BB Training Academy’s extended family members, who have also celebrated very special birthdays this year.

First up, it’s the turn of Ron Kidney; the father of Emma Dallison, one of our Training Officers. Ron turned 70 on the 2nd April and has fond memories of the NHS and the very special role it has played for him and his family.

Ron's Road to recovery

When Ron was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer earlier in 2018, it was the NHS that offered him and his family the care and support needed to navigate his road to recovery. Talking about his diagnosis, Ron said: “Although cancer is common, you never really expect it to happen to you. You worry about what the diagnosis means, how it will effect your life, how you will tell loved ones.”

Luckily for Ron, the NHS staff provided him with care and support when he needed it the most. “I’ll be forever grateful for the speed that my condition was dealt with and the support that was offered to myself and my family.

“Thanks to the NHS, my condition was diagnosed early and the operation to remove part of my bowel was undertaken within just two weeks.

“The NHS has changed a lot since I was a lad. I think the biggest change has been the breakthroughs in treatment and technology. It’s surreal to think that a robot performed part of my operation!

Ron continues: “Some things remain unchanged, though, like the organisation’s dedication to patients. The NHS is a wonderful thing and we should do all we can to protect and preserve it for the next generation.”