Dignity, Privacy and Respect Course

What Will I learn?

This course will look at how you can apply dignity and respect in every day work and life? how to demonstrate it, and develop good working practices. It will help you to gain a better understanding of the topic and how you can apply it in the social care environment.

The aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the legislation and respect guidance regarding equality, dignity, privacy and respect as a health and social care worker.

Key Topics:

  • The importance of dignity and respect - introduction to equality, dignity, privacy and respect, definition of dignity, privacy and respect, understanding privacy and dignity, understanding the dignity factors, privacy and dignity in care and support
  • Legislation relating to dignity and respect
  • Good practice guidelines and principles of dignity and respect in care services - communicating respectfully, demonstrating dignity and respect with regard to eating and nutritional care, demonstrating dignity and respect when providing personal care, demonstrating dignity and respect through choice and control, respecting privacy, maintaining respect through social inclusion and helping people to make choices, supporting active participation, encouraging self-care
  • Organisational policies and procedures, risk assessment, whistleblowing and dignity, complaints and dignity, abuse and dignity, dignity for health and social care workers
  • Specialist care and specific care needs - person centred care, the 10 point dignity challenge, principles of privacy of information
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Dignity, Privacy and Respect
Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at anyone working with or with a duty of care for vulnerable adults and is suitable for all levels of care staff.

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