My World Outdoors Course

What Will I learn?

You will learn how children and young people benefit from high quality play experiences outdoors. You will have an understanding of the importance of outdoor learning and how this has a positive impact on children and young people’s wellbeing. You will look at good practice guidance and make connections to how this practice has a positive impact on the wellbeing indicators for children and young people.

Key Topics:

  • To proactively ensure that children have a range of experiences outdoors
  • To ensure children’s experiences and their capacity to learn and develop are enhanced by being able to experience nature first hand
  • To support staff to actively help children to explore nature themselves.
  • To develop children’s free-flow play activities outdoors and learn through nature, to support children to flourish
  • To understand how outdoor play and learning has a positive impact in all areas of the well-being indicators for individual children
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My World Outdoors
Who should attend this course?

This course is for people working with children and young people across all age ranges, in many types of setting including schools, health and early learning and childcare settings, and for the many organisations that seek to engage children and families.

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