BB Training Introduces 'Flat Stan'

Fri 27th Oct 2017

First Aid is a vital skill and, as such, it is important everyone has the skills to act in a medical emergency, especially children. BB Training Academy uses the 'Flat Stan' first aid programme. Our aims are to allow children to interact, learn and have fun in a comfortable learning environment.

Flat Stan has a poorly heart

Flat Stan First Aid workshops have been designed for children aged 4 years to 11 years. They are engaging, attractive and makes the 60 minute to 90 minute workshops a fun and enriching experience.

Ideal for training in the Summer school holidays, they can be delivered as sessions to schools, sports clubs, individual children and children groups & communities.

Flat Stan has a sore finger

Children as young as three are learning how to call for an ambulance and deliver basic first aid training, thanks to this new initiative called ‘Flat Stan’.

The sessions, which show children how to help people who have collapsed or are choking or bleeding on the Flat Stan demonstration dummy, are led by our first aid trainers.

At the end of the session, they then go through the Flat Stan book to recap what should be done in a variety of situations, to help an injured person and potentially save lives.

The workshop has been piloted at a number of our nurseries and due to its success will now be rolled out across the UK.

Flat Stan has a sore head

Karen Bird, Head of First Aid, said: “We want to teach children the importance of first aid and provide them with the tools they need to save a life, should the worst ever happen. Our pilot sessions have shown children really respond to the questions and enjoyed taking part in demonstrations.”

Flat Stan has a sore knee

Emma Frame, mother of Oscar who recently took part in the training at Busy Bees in Cleadon, said: “I'm over the moon that they are doing this training. Even if they remember one small part then it’s worthwhile. It’s also very reassuring to know that if anything happened Oscar would be calm and know what to do.

“At a recent doctor’s visit, he was telling everyone in the waiting room that in an emergency you have to shout ‘help’ really loud and call 999. Then later at home, he had the whole family in the recovery position with our necks back so our airways were clear. He even had his 75-year-old Nan doing it!”

Interested in booking a Flat Stan session?

Contact Karen Bird on 01543 711124 or email: