Information, advice and guidance statement of service

Our purpose at BB Training is to support prospective and current learners to understand the nature of undertaking a programme of learning with us and to make informed choices about their learning options.  We will support learners in achieving their aspirations, including learning and career goals through our programmes of delivery.  

Our Service:  Information advice and guidance (IAG)

Delivered in line with BB Training’s delivery model of monthly 121 sessions.

Consistent with the principles of the nationally recognised matrix quality standard and BB Training’s GDPR policy (

If you are thinking about learning with BB Training, we offer IAG on:

Whether BB Training is right for you.

Qualifications and standards available through BB Training.

How BB Training’s system of supported learning works.

The range of support available if you have a disability or additional learning need.

How you may be able to use previous learning towards a qualification with BB Training.

If you are currently undertaking a programme of learning with BB Training, we offer:

IAG to help you make an informed choice in regard to being on the right level, on the right course, at the right time for you.

Support to enable you to plan your educational and career development.

Support if you have a disability or additional learning needs.

Support to plan your next steps when completing a programme of learning with BB Training.  

How do we offer this service?

For prospective learners:  our recruitment team will undertake initial IAG with you to support you to consider your options and choices.  Our advisors can be contacted by telephone or email.

For enrolled learners:  IAG is primarily offered via our assessors who undertake monthly 121 sessions with each learner.  Bi-monthly career conversations will occur as part of the learning programme.  

How can you help us deliver our service to you?

Let us know promptly of anything that might affect your study so we can advise you of what can be done to help.

Let us know your views so we can evaluate and develop our service in response to learner feedback.  

You can expect us to:

Offer free, impartial and informed IAG.

Respect confidentiality and comply with BB Training’s GDPR policy.

Provide an appropriate response, normally within five working days; if the matter is complex you will receive an initial response with an indication of the action we are taking and the likely response time.

Ensure our staff are IAG trained, knowledgeable and follow an appropriate programme of staff development. 

Work to the national matrix standard awarded to BB Training for the quality of IAG services we provide.

Contact us

You can contact us and speak to our recruitment team on: 01543 711 150 (Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 5.00) or email us at 

If you are a current learner you can speak to your dedicated assessor.

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Statement of service – July 2019 version 0.1